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Pet Wellness & Vaccinations in Mobile, AL

Would you like to know how to help your pet live a long, healthy and happy life?

Any loving pet parent will agree on one thing – we all want to have our animal friends with us for as long as possible. Here at Wesson Animal Clinic, PC, we think that the most effective way for this to happen is to maintain their ongoing wellness. When you bring your pet into the office for checkups, you’ll be helping to avoid those common ailments that cause issues with companion animals. Also, we’ll have the opportunity to find and treat any possible health issues before they start to develop and get worse. Some key simple things may add on years to your pet’s life.

The Right Amount of Prevention

We’re comprehensive in the wellness services that we offer. We make sure to do a thorough job, because we’re dedicated to keeping your four-legged friend healthy. During every visit, the veterinarian will do an examination of your pet, from head to tail. This will allow the vet to identify anything that is out of the ordinary. Also, we’ll develop and put into place a care plan that is customized to fit your pet’s unique lifestyle, needs, and risk factors. This may include nutrition, weight management, vaccines, and parasite control.


Regular Health Management

Through wellness visits held at regular intervals, we’ll get to see snapshots of your furry friend’s health status. We look at this information that is gathered and compare it to previous exams. If there are any significant changes, that can help us to detect early signs of illness. That way, a treatment plan can be put into place quickly. Getting a diagnosis early on means that there will be an improved outcome for your pet. With frequent checkups, we can work together to improve and extend your pet’s life.

Getting Acquainted

When you come to annual visits at Wesson Animal Clinic, PC, it gives us a chance to get familiar with your pet and get to know you, as well. Developing relationships with our patients is an important part of our care. We want to be partners when it comes to managing your loved one’s health. When your pet knows us better, it makes the whole experience a bit more positive. If we understand your companion’s needs, we’ll be able to develop a top-notch health care plan.

You want your animal friend to stick by your side for many great years. The Wesson Animal Clinic, PC staff would love to help you out with that goal. Give us a call right away to begin!