Just like humans, pets can suffer from all sorts of allergies. They can have seasonal allergies to pollen or mold, environmental allergies to allergens like dust, smoke, or perfume, food allergies to certain proteins or other ingredients in their diet, and even allergies to flea saliva.

Pet Allergy Signs and Symptoms: How to Recognize a Pet With Allergies

In pets, allergies can have some symptoms that are similar to what we see in humans, but other times allergies express themselves a little differently in cats and dogs.
Look for the following signs and symptoms of allergies in your pet:
If your pet has any of the above-listed signs or symptoms of allergies, we encourage you to schedule an appointment. We’ll evaluate your pet and help you determine the underlying cause of allergies to recommend a personalized treatment plan.

Treatments for Pet Allergies

There are a variety of treatments available for pet allergies. If your pet is diagnosed with allergies, our veterinarian will likely recommend a combination of treatment approaches to provide your pet with relief. This might include any combination of medicated baths, antihistamine medications, immunotherapy, environmental adjustments, and dietary changes.

Schedule a Pet Allergy Consultation With a Veterinarian in Mobile

If your cat or dog has been keeping you awake at night scratching or has been displaying any other signs of pet allergies, we encourage you to schedule an allergy consultation with one of Wesson Animal Clinic’s veterinarians in Mobile, AL. We’ll talk with you about your pet’s symptoms, perform a thorough physical examination, and help you determine the underlying cause of your pet’s allergy symptoms. We will then work with you to determine the best treatment plan going forward. To learn more or schedule an exam for your dog cat, please contact us today.