Proheart Injections

ProHeart Injections

Heartworms are dangerous parasites that can be transmitted to certain mammals (most commonly dogs) through the bites of infected mosquitos. When bitten, heartworm larvae are deposited into a dog’s system where they travel through the bloodstream and eventually reach the heart where the heartworms then grow, mature, and reproduce.
As the parasites grow and increasing numbers clutter a pet’s heart and lungs, they cause heartworm disease which is often fatal.

Why Heartworm Prevention Is Essential

Heartworm prevention is essential to protecting your dog’s health because there is no cure that is 100% effective or 100% safe for treating heartworm disease in dogs. Once infected, the symptoms of heartworm disease typically worsen until they lead to fatal heart failure.

Do All Dogs Need Heartworm Protection?

Since we have mosquitoes year-round in Mobile, Alabama, dogs living here should be provided with non-stop protection from heartworms throughout the year.

ProHeart Injections for Heartworm Prevention

ProHeart injections are a highly effective and simple alternative to monthly oral medications for preventing heartworm disease in dogs, and the process is similar to getting a vaccination.
ProHeart injections come in two forms:
ProHeart 6 provides protection from heartworms for six months, while ProHeart 12 injections protect a dog from heartworm disease for a full year.
ProHeart injections are a superior alternative to oral heartworm preventative medications because they are fail-safe. Life is busy and it can be easy to forget to administer medication on time or not see your dog spit out a pill. With ProHeart, however, you only need to remember one or two veterinary appointments a year to ensure your dog is adequately protected.

Is My Dog a Candidate for ProHeart Injections?

Puppies that are six months and older can receive ProHeart injections. Administering a heartworm preventative to a dog that has already been infected with heartworms can be fatal. For this reason, we screen all dogs for heartworm that are not currently on a preventative medication before administering ProHeart injections or any other form of heartworm preventative.
Your dog’s dosage recommendation and administration schedule might vary based on age and the type of injection administered.

Ask About Parasite Prevention at Your Dog's Next Veterinary Checkup in Mobile

At Wesson Animal Clinic, our veterinarian highly recommends safe, simple, and effective ProHeart injections for our canine patients’ heartworm disease prevention.
To learn more about ProHeart injections or to find out if your dog is a candidate, we welcome you to schedule a wellness and preventative care appointment for your dog at Wesson Animal Clinic in Mobile, Alabama today.