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Dr. Randy Wesson

Owner, Veterinarian

Dr. Randy Wesson’s formative years were spent on a 300-acre beef cattle farm in Attalla, Alabama, and it was there that his passion for animal care was first sparked. Young Dr. Wesson was fascinated when the local veterinarian would come out to the farm—thanks to the man’s expert knowledge and state-of-the-art equipment, he truly could save the day! It didn’t take long for Dr. Wesson to conclude that he would like to become a veterinarian himself.

Dr. Wesson began his veterinary journey by volunteering at his local animal clinic while still in high school. He then attended Auburn University to study veterinary medicine, graduating with his Doctorate in 1984. Dr. Wesson came to Mobile right after veterinary school to begin practicing, and he’s been serving the pets and animal owners of the area ever since! Now, he’s the co-owner and chief veterinarian here at Wesson Animal Clinic.

Medically, Dr. Wesson is fond of preventative care techniques, dental work, and dermatology cases. There is a high number of allergic pets in the area, and he’s thrilled to have the opportunity to improve their quality of life through allergy treatment and prevention. Most of all, though, Dr. Wesson loves forming lasting relationships with the loving pet owners of his community.

Dr. Wesson and his wife of 33 years have three adult children and live with three dogs, four cats, and a total of 25 chickens. When he isn’t spending time with his family and pets or tending to animals’ needs here at the hospital, Dr. Wesson enjoys hunting, fishing, and camping in the great outdoors, relaxing at his backyard fire pit, and biking. He’s even competed in triathlons, and is particularly proud of completing the Ironman Florida race in the fall of 2007!


Dr. Toni Ellis

For all of the owners with picky pets who might prefer a female veterinarian, we've got you covered. As Dr. Ellis likes to say, she is a “damn Yankee 2x's over” originally from Rhode Island. But, she does not talk funny and her dedication to pet care is remarkable. She graduated from Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine in 2001. Before becoming a doctor she was a veterinary assistant for 10 years. She has 5 cats and 1 dog, all rescues. So if you do not love animals, you're out! 🙂 Dr. Ellis enjoys wildlife photography, roller skating, amateur birding, and gardening.

Dr. Ellis is no stranger to the south. She was a veterinary assistant in Baldwin County for 10 years. After graduating from Auburn she practiced in Baldwin County for 2 years before relocating to the north. From there she practiced in Pennsylvania for 3 years and Rhode Island for 12 years, totaling 17 years experience in veterinary medicine. Although she is a general practitioner for cats and dogs, her special interests are dermatology and dental health as it relates to the organs and preventative medicine. She is not afraid of lumps, bumps, hematomas, cystotomy, gastronomy, enterotomy, and loves wound care. A true jack of all trades 🙂

Dr. Ellis considers herself a true realist. She tries to get a feel for how far the owner wants to go and what they can afford, but first and foremost tries to do what is best for the animal. She puts that knowledge together to select the best treatment plan for both pet and owner. She cannot help but to love all animals having 6 pets herself. Crispy 17yr, Tiger, 16yr, Sookie 10yr, Sacca 10yr, and Lil' Man 9 months are all rescue cats. Dr. Ellis also owns a dog she rescued at 6 weeks from Alamo Rescue League.

Dr. Ellis's first day is June 1st. Help us make her feel welcome. If you have any questions feel free to ask. We are looking forward to what our future holds.


Dr. Stephen Schneider

Retired (June 2018), Former Partner

One day when Dr. Stephen Schneider was only 12 years old, his family dog, Spot, had an unfortunate encounter with a car. Dr. Schneider and his mother rushed the dog to the local animal hospital. With quick and compassionate care, the veterinarian there was able to revive Spot and send him home for a complete recovery. Young Dr. Schneider was so impressed with this wonderful act of healing that he made a decision right then and there: he would help others’ pets by becoming a veterinarian himself!

Originally growing up in Dallas, Texas, Dr. Schneider was raised by two fantastic parents, Art and Louise. With his parents support, Dr. Schneider attended Texas A&M University to complete his undergraduate degree, veterinary degree, internship, and board exams. He received his Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine in 1977, and started a job in a mixed-animal practice in Mobile two months after graduation.

In 1990, Dr. Schneider joined Dr. Randy Wesson here at Wesson Animal Clinic, and became a co-owner a year later. He’s been caring for the pets of the Mobile area ever since!

Dr. Schneider and his wife, Genie, have four grown children and a beautiful young granddaughter, Maya Grace. They share their home with their two year old Yorkie, Joy. She is full of energy and keeps them busy.

When he has time outside of work, Dr. Schneider enjoys traveling with his wife. They love exploring whatever new destination they can find, and especially like visiting the country’s national parks. There is so much in God’s creation to experience and explore! Dr. Schneider and Genie also enjoy visiting their family, whether in the Mobile, Orlando, Toronto, or Austin.