Behavior Counseling

Behavioral Counseling

Left to their natural instincts, dogs and cats can exhibit a lot of unpleasant behaviors that can make them difficult for people to live with. Thankfully, we love our pets, and, as pet owners, it’s part of our responsibility to teach our pets the behaviors we expect of them.
If your pet is struggling with one or more areas of their training, we can provide you with the resources you need to correct the unwanted behaviors and strengthen your bond with your pet as you reward their positive behaviors.

Signs Your Pet Needs Behavioral Counseling

If your pet experiences or exhibits any of the following behavior issues, then behavioral counseling and positive reinforcement training can help:
If your pet exhibits behavior problems or if you notice that their behavior changes suddenly, we recommend scheduling a veterinary appointment as soon as possible. Sometimes, behavior issues and/or changes can indicate an underlying health problem, and your pet should be examined right away.

What to Expect During a Behavioral Counseling Appointment


A behavioral counseling appointment begins with a consultation. We will first talk with you about your pet’s history with training, socialization, and behavior. We will also discuss the current issues you’re having with your pet’s behavior, the steps (if any) you have already taken to try to correct the behavior, and also your expectations for your pet. Additionally, we will talk with you about your familiarity with positive reinforcement training.

Physical Examination

Our veterinarian will then perform a thorough physical examination of your pet and ask you about any other recent changes you might have noticed in your pet’s behavior, appearance, attitude, appetite, or energy level. If deemed necessary, we might also recommend running diagnostic tests to screen your pet for underlying health problems.
Since behavioral issues can arise in pets who have developed a health problem, it’s always best to thoroughly examine them to rule out underlying health conditions before deciding only to address their behaviors.

Pet Training With Positive Reinforcement

We can then provide you with information and advice regarding positive reinforcement training strategies for you and your pet to work on. Additionally, we can recommend professional pet training, behaviorists, and socialization opportunities for your pet.

Behavioral Counseling for Pets in Mobile, AL

To learn more about behavioral counseling for pets in Mobile, AL and how positive reinforcement training can provide your pet with the tools and know-how to live a happy and healthy life, we welcome you to contact Wesson Animal Clinic today.