Chronic Disease & Pain Management

Chronic Disease & Pain Management

While some health problems can be quickly resolved with a round of antibiotics or a simple surgical procedure, others have no cure. These types of diseases, injuries, and health conditions are referred to as chronic.
Although chronic issues cannot usually be cured, they can be treated and managed to mitigate symptoms and improve a pet’s quality of life. Additionally, with the proper treatments and ongoing veterinary care, the progression of chronic diseases in pets can also be slowed and sometimes completely arrested, preventing the problem from becoming worse.

Common Chronic Diseases in Pets

Several chronic diseases and conditions can affect pets. Some of the most common include:
Signs and symptoms of these diseases can vary greatly. However, general indications of disease in pets include unexplained changes in their appetite, appearance, behavior, personality, energy, and/or routine.

Signs of Pain in Pets

Many chronic diseases also cause pain. While pets instinctively try to mask signs and symptoms of illness, like pain, there are some telltale behaviors that can indicate pain in a pet. In addition to the above-mentioned changes, signs and symptoms of pain can include:

The Importance of Routine Health Screening and Early Detection

Ensuring the early detection and treatment of chronic disease is one of the primary reasons why routine veterinary examinations and diagnostic testing are so important for pets. The earlier a disease is detected, the more successfully it can usually be treated.
For this reason, we recommend annual wellness exams for healthy adult pets, bi-annual wellness appointments for senior pets, and a personalized examination schedule for pets who have already been diagnosed with a chronic disease.

Chronic Disease and Pain Management With Our Veterinarian in Mobile

At Wesson Animal Clinic, our veterinarian is highly experienced in detecting, diagnosing, treating, and managing chronic conditions in pets. If your pet is diagnosed with a chronic condition, we will be here to answer your questions, help you understand what to expect, and provide you with a variety of treatment options.
To learn more about chronic disease and pain management with our veterinarian, we welcome you to contact us today.