Geriatric Care


Geriatric Care

Thanks to advancements in veterinary medicine and pet care, our pets are living longer than ever before. As a result, our pets are now needing specialized care to address the health problems that can arise with advanced age.

Age-Related Health Problems in Pets

Aging is not a disease, but it can result in age-related health problems for pets. Some of the most common age-related health issues in dogs and cats include:
With early detection and intervention, our veterinarian can help slow the progression of chronic diseases while addressing painful symptoms to help you keep your pet feeling healthy and energetic throughout their golden years.

How to Keep Pets Healthy Through Their Golden Years

More Frequent Veterinary Examinations

We typically recommend that senior pets visit the veterinary clinic at least twice a year for routine wellness examinations, health screenings with routine blood tests, preventative care, and medication/treatment evaluations and adjustments.

Weight Management and Dietary Adjustments

Senior pets can stay healthier and experience fewer joint problems by maintaining a healthy weight. This typically includes switching senior pets to a nutrient-rich, low-calorie diet designed specifically for their age group. We might also recommend adding specific nutritional supplements to your pet’s diet to help address a variety of concerns.

Lifestyle Adjustments

Senior pets still love to run and play, but they might not be able to enjoy the same activities as they used to. For example, senior pets benefit from frequent short walks in place of fewer, longer walks.
You can also make changes to their environment by providing a supportive pet bed, stairs onto the sofa, and a set of elevated bowls.

Is Your Pet a Senior?

The age at which a pet is officially considered a senior varies based on the pet’s species and size. Although it can vary between individual pets, the age at which cats and small dogs are typically considered to be seniors at age seven. Dogs of larger breeds age more quickly. As a result, they are usually considered to be seniors at age five or six.

Geriatric Pet Care in Mobile, Alabama

At Wesson Animal Clinic, we provide specialized care to each of our patients, tailoring the treatments and wellness recommendations we make as your pet ages. To learn more about geriatric care for pets and maintaining your pet’s health throughout their golden years, we welcome you to contact our office and schedule a senior pet appointment today.