No one wants to say goodbye to a beloved pet. Unfortunately, our pets live much shorter lives than we do. For most pet owners, saying goodbye is a reality that we all eventually must face. At Wesson Animal Clinic, Dr. Randy Wesson and our pet care team are here to support and guide you throughout the process.

What Is End-of-Life Care for Pets?

End-of-life care for pets is also sometimes referred to as pet hospice or palliative care. This type of care is recommended when pets are sick with a terminal illness (an illness that cannot be cured). With end-of-life care, the goal of treatment shifts from curing the pet to keeping the pet comfortable with pain relief and support.
End-of-life care is designed to help maintain a pet’s quality of life with supportive treatments. Palliative care might include the administration of pain medications and other prescriptions designed to relieve symptoms, fluids, nutritional support, and more.

What Is Euthanasia & What Happens at a Euthanasia Appointment?

Translated from its Greek roots, the word euthanasia means good death. It’s a treatment designed to help a pet pass away peacefully with minimal suffering.
A euthanasia appointment takes place in a quiet and comfortable room. It begins with an examination and the opportunity to speak with our veterinarian. We can answer any questions you might have and will also talk with you about aftercare plans to honor your pet’s life.
We always allow family members to remain with their pets to provide comfort and reassurance throughout the process. The process of euthanasia involves administering an overdose of an anesthetic drug that enables a pet to pass away without pain, stress, or undue suffering.

How to Know When Euthanasia Is the Right Choice for Your Pet

Euthanasia is typically recommended when a pet’s quality of life has significantly deteriorated. The following signs and symptoms can indicate the proper time has arrived:
It can be difficult to determine when the time is right, and we always welcome pet owners to contact our office for advice.

Compassionate Pet Care From Beginning to End

We understand how difficult it can be to make decisions and say goodbye as your pet nears the end of his or her life. Our veterinarian and the entire team at Wesson Animal Clinic will be here to support and guide you through every step of the process and every decision that needs to be made. As your pet receives palliative care or their condition changes, we always welcome you to contact our office for advice.
To learn more about end-of-life care, euthanasia, and aftercare options, such as in-house cremation, available. We welcome you to contact us at your convenience.