6 Creative Ways to Stay Active with Your Pet During the Pandemic


6 Creative Ways to Stay Active with Your Pet During the Pandemic

Studies have shown that pet owners – especially those with dogs – are up to four times more active than their petless counterparts. While you work from home and practice social distancing, fight the urge to give into couch-potato-dom because staying active is important for physical and mental wellbeing. Thankfully, there are plenty of fun and creative ways for both you and your pets to stay busy, physically fit, and mentally upbeat during the pandemic.

How to Stay Active with Your Pet While Social Distancing

1. Backyard Barking

If you have a private outdoor space, use it! You’ll be safe and your pet will enjoy the fresh air. Be sure to go out during the cooler mornings or evenings.

2. Find a Wide-Open Public Space

If you don’t have your own yard, avoid crowded outdoor spaces like dog parks. If you do visit a public space, go during off-hours and be sure to practice social distancing.

3. Play Inside

You can be active with your pet indoors, too. Play fetch in a hallway, get a rope toy for tug-o-war, or stash toys for hide-and-seek.

4. Create an Agility Course

Videos of cats (expertly) and dogs (not so expertly) maneuvering through homemade obstacle courses are sweeping social media. Set up plastic cups, bottles, pillows, boxes, or stacked blocks and encourage your pet through with treats. Don’t forget to catch it on video to share with your friends.

5. Practice Tricks

Research training techniques and then get up from the sofa to work with your dog or cat. You can practice old tricks or teach them something new. Either way, you’ll both have fun while you interact and bond.

6. Keep Their Minds Busy

Videos of cats (expertly) and If you need pets to be quiet during a conference call, we recommend giving them puzzles to solve. This will keep their minds busy and their snouts occupied while you work. Treat puzzles are great for entertaining both cats and dogs. Just make sure you find time to help your pet burn off the extra snacks with some active play.

We're Here for You and Our Pet Patients During the Pandemic

Our Mobile, AL veterinary clinic is open and operating safely during the pandemic. While we’re closely monitoring the situation in our community, veterinarians at Wesson Animal Clinic are committed to providing ongoing care to our pet patients. We’re practicing social distancing and increased safety measures for the health of our clients, staff, and community. To learn more or schedule an appointment for your pet, we welcome you to contact us today.